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What is Traffic Transformation Bootcamp?

Whether you’re an affiliate, coach, blogger, niche site owner, or anyone who needs more traffic… you probably aren’t generating the traffic you want in your business. When you control your traffic you control your success… ANYONE can throw up a website. The key is knowing how to drive consistent, targeted BUYER traffic...

However driving traffic is hard. Most paid traffic methods are out of reach/burn a hole in your wallet especially if you’re now. Most free methods require you to wait 6 months to start seeing a tiny trickle of traffic… so if you’re looking to grow your biz online, what are you to do??

I've built a Pinterest traffic "machine" in my business and over the last few years have become known as one of the most premier Pinterest traffic experts, getting invited to speak on international event stages and many well known podcasts to share my expertise.

For the first time ever, I'm opening up the opportunity to work with my directly on group coaching calls where I share with you the exact steps to build your own Pinterest traffic generating "machine" in just 8 weeks.

This saves you years of manual hard work and a ton of money on paid ads. In 8 weeks you will be left with a powerful asset to generate daily traffic and buyer leads to your business while growing your brand... and the knowledge to rinse and repeat this for ANY online website or project you start is priceless.

What Types of Audiences Is This Offer Best Suited For?

Affiliate marketers, niche site owners, bloggers, people who earn from adsense revenue, coaches, e-commerce brands and e-commerce stores, professionals, service providers, course sellers, YT channel owners, webinar sellers, agencies, influencers, copywriters... anyone who needs a consistent flow of FREE traffic and leads…

I Have An Audience And I’d Like To
Monetize It With This Offer… How Does This Work?

Do you have an audience who is interested in growing their business whether as an affiliate or selling their own products/services...or even an audience of bloggers who want to grow their traffic?

If you can register at least 200 people to a live workshop with us… you qualify to run this promotion and bank as much as $10,000+ just by simply registering your audience members!

What’s Included:

8 Week Self Paced Video course with weekly homework and drip-fed lessons

Here’s a Replay of the Presentation

Payment Terms

70% will be paid out upon completion of the webinar promotion.
The remaining 30% will be paid after the 14 day refund period.

Current Affiliate Stats
About The Webinar

Wayne Crowe Did $15,000, Plans Another Promotion ASAP

Recent Affiliate Run

Attendees at link drop: 30
4 x $697 sales
1 3x$267 sale
Up front EPA: $101.83

What Partners Have
Said About My Past Webinars

John Crestani

Live attendees: 66
Live conversions: 20%
Earnings per attendee on LIVE call (before replay): $137

Igor Kheifets

Live attendees: 61
Live conversions: 18%
Earnings per attendee on LIVE call (before replay): $118
Igor 3X’ed His Live Sales With Replay!

Mike from Maine & Brett Rutecky

Live attendees: 110
Live conversions: 16%
Earnings per attendee live on call: $87
2X’ed sales on replay

Michael Cheney

Live attendees: 57
Live conversions: 16%
Doubled sales on replay

Paul O’keeffe and Richard Fairbairn

Live attendees: 140
Live conversions: 15%
Doubled sales on replay
Our replay usually 2X-4x’s live sales.

The Webinar Promotion Schedule

Day 1 (optional)

Presell to webinar registration page

(send 1-2 emails)

Day 2

Presell to webinar registration page

(send 2 emails)

Day 3

Presell webinar registration page, live call 8pm EST (send 3-4 emails today)

Note: On the day of the webinar, our GoToWebinar will send reminders 6 hours before, 3 hours before, 1 hour before, 30 minutes before and 5 minutes before

Day 4

Mail encore 1 

(send 1-2 emails)

Day 5

Mail replay

(send 3-4 emails)

Day 6 (Optional)

Mail replay

(send 2 emails)

Day 7

Mail replay

This is our recommended, optimized promotion schedule.
Shorter or longer promos can be arranged. 

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